• One-day Basic Life support (BLS) Program was Organized for the Newly Inducted House officers of the HMC Hospital at the Clinical Skill Lab, PGMI

  • Step by Step CPR Guide

  • A memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the Basic Life Saver Course between the Skill Lab, PGMI, and the Rehman Medical Institute, was signed here at PGMI

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Skill Lab (PGMI) is the only public sector, State of the Art simulation center in Pakistan. Skill Lab is perfectly equipped with the operation theater, wards, and teaching spaces for the technical training of the health care professionals (HCPs). Skill Lab is focused on improving patient safety in the province by letting the HCPs excel in performing various easy to complex surgeries using virtual reality and high-fidelity simulators. Skill Lab is determined to provide a risk-free environment to the HCPs where they are allowed to make mistakes and improve before working with patients. HCPs feel more confident when they start practicing with real-life patients as they are already familiar with the process and the equipment.

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