Surgical, Imaging, and Diagnostic Simulators


1. Sim Ortho

Our VR training simulator is a surgical training platform that enables the use of simulation to teach, train and test residents for open surgery procedures. It offers unique possibilities to expand medical education on orthopedic surgery in a novel way.

The Sim-Ortho offers a level of unparalleled precision in a highly realistic 3D environment, as well as a life-like touch feedback technology known as haptic technology.

Allows practice of knee arthroplasty procedures, spine surgeries, and trauma procedures, including intervention-based tasks (Such as drilling, screwing, and sawing).

Sim Ortho

2. Lapsim

Lapsim let participant’s master fundamental laparoscopic skills.

It is a comprehensive portfolio of well-defined laparoscopic simulation exercises, from basic navigation to advanced suturing. Provided Real-time feedback for instant learning.

Residents can focus on the skills they need most making the most of valuable training time.


3. Endosim

The simulator is delivered with one scope of choice (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy), with a full insertion length tube and tool channel, using advanced modeling technology, lifelike anatomic detail, and realistic touch feedback, physicians can now experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence and proficiency in endoscopy training.

EndoSim®, a cutting-edge flexible endoscopic simulator delivers medical simulation training with detailed graphics, usability, and haptics (tactile feedback).


4. Voxelman ENT

VOXEL-MAN ENT is a unique simulator for surgery training in otorhinolaryngology. It combines the modules VOXEL-MAN Tempo for temporal bone drilling, VOXEL-MAN My Cases for creating individual training cases from CT or CBCT image series, and VOXEL-MAN Sinus for endoscopic sinus surgery.

VOXEL-MAN ENT is ideally suited to gain a thorough understanding of surgical anatomy and approaches in a safe environment. All procedures can be practiced as often as needed, and the costs for a surgical training lab can be significantly reduced.

The training simulator features one- or two-handed operation of the instruments, predefined tasks, automatic skills assessment, visualization of learning curves, video capture, online updates, and much more ease

Voxelman ENT

5. Eyes (Intraocular) Surgery Simulator

Eyesi Surgical is a high-end virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgery training. The Eyesi platform can be equipped with interfaces for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery.

Training units range from basic skills training to surgical procedures and complications management. Eyesi Surgical offers an immersive environment for the training of surgical steps. Through the simulator´s OR microscope, trainees see the virtual surgical field in stereo and high resolution while operating with lifelike surgical instruments. Just as in real surgery, discreet instrument movements are required to avoid undue wound stress, loss of viscoelastic, or diminished red reflex.

The highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time increases trainees’ surgical experience – without risk for real patients.

Eyes (Intraocular) Surgery Simulator

6. Mentice Cath Lab for Cardio Vascular Interventions

The VIST® Lab is a stationary simulation solution that combines realism, ergonomics, and ultimate flexibility.

VIST® Lab mimics the cath lab environment by providing a full-body mannequin (with left and right femoral, radial, and subclavian approaches), a 4K-UHD screen (fluoro, cine, & vitals), and an HD touch screen (controls).

7. Sono Sim

SonoSim developed the world’s largest online library of patient cases with a broad spectrum of normal and pathologic conditions.

Real-patient ultrasound cases are imported into a virtual environment powered by a graphics visualization engine.

Learners practice hands-on scanning using the hand motion-sensing SonoSim Probe