Task Trainers

1. Paracentesis Trainer

  • Familiarity with the abdominal regions and underlying anatomy
  • Palpation of anatomical landmarks
  • Identification of excess fluid
  • Through ultrasound, identification of safe needle/catheter insertion sites
  • Insertion of needle into the peritoneal cavity for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes

• Professional-to-patient communication

Paracentesis Trainer

2. Chest Drain and Needle Compression Trainer

  • Needle decompression/ needle thoracostomy of tension pneumothorax at both the 2nd and 5th intercostal space
  • Ultrasound-guided chest tube insertion, also known as the Seldinger Technique, includes the insertion of the needle into the pleural space under direct vision and ultrasonic recognition of chest structures
  • Open or cut-down chest tube insertion, including recognition of correct position, surgical incision, blunt dissection through the chest wall, perforation of pleura and finger sweep
  • Suturing of the tube to the chest wall
  • Use of a chest drain, including using with an underwater seal

3. Bandaging Simulator with an ostomy

This simulator consists of a female torso with flexible, lifelike skin which realistically responds to adhesives and all types of bandaging procedures. 14 different wounds allow one to practice wound management techniques, cleaning and bandaging techniques just like on a real patient. 

The simulator features the following wounds:
• Thyroidectomy
• Mid-sternal split with chest tube drains (surgical staples)
• Mastectomy with simulated drain
• Cholecystectomy with simulated T-tube
• Laparotomy (surgical staples)
• Appendectomy
• Colostomy
• Ileostomy
• Abdominal hysterectomy (surgical staples)
• Thoracotomy (surgical staples)
• Nephrectomy (surgical staples)
• Laminectomy
• Sacral decubitus ulcer (stage II)
• Leg amputation stump (surgical staples

4. Rectal Examination- Male

Simulation of sphincter contraction allows trainees to assess the anal tone

  • Left lateral positioning
  • Addition of impacted fecal matter allows trainees to recognize and distinguish this common finding
  • digitalal examination of the anus, rectum, and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of fecal matter in the rectum
  • Professional to patient communication


  • Buttocks, anus, rectum, prostate, and perineum
Rectal Examination- Male

5. Suture Practice Arm

Suture training is a lot more complex than with regular suture pads. Given its movable hand and fingers, even challenging sutures in hard-to-REACH places like between the fingers can be practiced.

Both the skin and the subcutaneous tissue are represented in a life-like suturing Experience.

6. Auscultation Manikin

SAM can be connected and set to teach the desired cardiac, lung, bowel, or bruit sounds. Comprehensive auscultation library consisting of 35 heart sounds, 11 heart-lung combinations, 27 lung sounds, 11 bowel sounds, and 6 bruit sounds

  • ECG waveforms for all heart sounds
  • Covid-19 auscultation lung sound
  • Auscultation with any clinical stethoscope
Auscultation Manikin

7. IV Arm

  • IV Arm lets you Learn or refresh your venipuncture, phlebotomy, & iv skills.
  • Correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling. The following veins can be punctured: basilica vein, cephalic vein, median cubital vein, dorsal venous rete of hand
  • Intravenous injections
  • Positioning of a butterfly catheter.
IV Arm

8. Intramuscular Injection Simulator

Injection skill trainer represents a right upper arm with all important anatomical palpable landmarks such as acromion and humerus.

The realistic anatomy allows for placing correct intramuscular injections in an exceptionally graphic way.

9. IV Arm

This high-quality, strap-on intramuscular simulator is a lifelike model of a right buttock with all important anatomical landmarks for intramuscular (I.M.) injections: iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine, and greater trochanter.

The integrated fine electronics provide extremely graphic feedback when training the intramuscular injection technique, correctly administered injections will produce audiovisual feedback.

10. Ear Exam Simulator

This ear examination simulator allows practice in the examination of the ear. bedded colored prints in 5 out of the 6 ears allow the diagnosis from ear examination of various pathologies.

The ear examination simulator is supplied with 2 tubes of synthetic earwax, nine 35mm slides (5 conditions as below plus 4 conditions of our supplementary set W44123) and a carry-case. An Otoscope is not included with the ear examination simulator. The following normal conditions and pathologies can be observed:

  • Normal tympanic membrane
  • Mucoid otitis media
  • Serous otitis media with fluid level
  • Chronic otitis media with perforation
  • Normal tympanic membrane with slanted ear canal.
Ear Exam Simulator

11. Male and Female Catheterization Simulator

The Interchangeable Catheterization & Enema Simulator is a life-size female pelvis with interchangeable genitalia designed for practicing urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures.

  • Correct handling of the female and male anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterization technique
  • Catheter positioning and removal
  • Liquid management
  • Intermittent Self-Catheterization (ISC) using optional self-catheterization mount (60167)
  • Suprapubic catheter introduction and catheter management (Advanced training models only).
Male and Female Catheterization Simulator

12. Breast Examination Simulator

Breast Examination Trainer provides a highly realistic learning platform for acquiring the skills required to perform Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and teaching Self-breast examination (SBE).

  • Clinical breast examination (CBE) 
  • Self-breasts examination (SBE) 
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks 
  • Identification of lymph nodes (axillary, supra & infraclavicular) 
  • Location and diagnosis of pathologies 
  • Professional-to-patient communication

Pathologies can be placed in various predetermined location points and are easily changeable • Dual purpose product: bench top and Simulated Patient.

Breast Examination Simulator

13. NG Tube and Tracheal Care

Head features anatomical landmarks, trachea, esophagus, simulated lungs, and stomach

Lungs and stomach may be filled with fluid for realistic practice of many procedures:

  • Tracheostomy care
  • Tracheal suctioning
  • NG tube insertion and removal
  • NG tube irrigation, instillation, and monitoring
  • Feeding tube insertion and removal
  • Gastric lavage and gavage
  • Nasoenteric and esophageal tube insertion, care, and removal
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal insertion and suctioning
  • Insertion, securing, and care of endotracheal tubes.
NG Tube and Tracheal Care